Abstract Submission

Abstract submission for the FB3 meeting is now open.

Your abstract can also be considered for a poster presentation or a 15-20 minutes oral presentation (limited slots).  Please indicate your preference.

If you submit an abstract to be considered for an oral presentation and there are not enough slots, we will instead automatically consider your abstract for a poster presentation and notify you.

A template, which can be downloaded here, has to be carefully obeyed. The abstract is limited to one page, a maximum of one figure and five references. The font is Times New Roman size 12 except for the title, which should be size 14 and the references that should be size 11. For further details, please, see the abstract template. Before submission, please convert the Word doc into to a pdf file.

Please submit your abstract by email to Yitzhak Tor (ytor@ucsd.edu) and indicate whether it should be evaluated for oral/poster presentation or poster presentation only.

Abstract submission deadline: July 7, 2014.

Note that your paid registration is required for final consideration and inclusion in the abstract book.



Yitzhak Tor,
Jan 8, 2014, 12:04 AM